The ZX Spectrum was made to be as simple as possible. No power switch, no power LED, no diskdrive interface, no joystick ports. The first models used an EAR-port to read games from cassette tapes. So how can you upgrade your ZX Spectrum to the modern age? With the DivMMC EnJOY! Pro One.

Most old tapes have been digitized into TAP files. You can install special software on your smartphone, download a few TAP files and play them to your ZX Spectrum via that EAR-port. Simple.

Well no. The EAR-port is a proper diva if it comes to sound input, and so it’s a process of playing sound, the ZX not responding, you tweaking the output, the ZX not responding, etc.

This is where the DivMMC EnJOY! Pro One comes into play. It plugs into the cartridge port of your ZX Spectrum and instantly adds two SD card slots, two joystick ports, a reset button and a file browser. Just slap some TAP files on an SD card and play!


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