RetroTINK-2X – Zero Lag Component / S-video / Component to HDMI

Hooking up your old consoles to your living room TV has become a more challenging task over the past few year, with the disappearance of composite, s-video and even composite inputs on modern TV’s. If you want to hook up your old consoles to these modern TV’s, you’re going to have to upscale the old signal to HDMI.

There are a lot of cheap upscalers that can take the old signal and upscale it to HDMI. But these devices also add a lot of latency. Add this to the already bigger latency of your modern TV and input lag becomes a real issue.

The more professional upscalers fix this latency issue, but at a price. The OCCS for example costs around 188 euros while a Framemeister sets you back 326 euros. So what if you don’t want to spend that amount of cash?

Meet the RetroTink2x, an ultra low latency line doubler that can upscale composite, s-video and component inputs to an HDMI signal. And it can do all that for a fraction of the cost.

Lets test the latency claim and put it to the test.

NOTE: All prices are current prices at the time of writing this article.


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