TAMAGOTCHI on a Game Boy?!

In 1996 Bandai released the very first Tamagotchi, and they became a hit in the 90’s. Bandai ended up releasing over 40 models of Tamagotchi, combined with an anime, merchandise and games. Most games were released for the Nintendo DS and Wii, but the very first Tamagotchi game ever released came on the Game Boy.

I never heard about this game, so when I found it on a retro expo in The Netherlands I was intrigued. I own a Tamagotchi V3, so I can wirelessly connect it to the V3 of my daughter. The Game Boy game however focusses on the P1 and P2 Tamagotchi.

Lets pop this game in and see if we can raise a Tamagotchi on the Nintendo Game Boy.

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