PocketGO Review

After the original BittBoy and the BittBoy V3, BittBoy has released a new handheld which can emulate retro systems. It’s called the PocketGo and is better than its predecessors in every aspect.

The PocketGo has a faster CPU running at 900Mhz. It also changed its form factor to a horizontal design like the Game Boy Advance or Playstation Portable. Another great feature is that it runs on community driven firmware. This means the firmware is constantly being updated and new emulators are added almost every revision.

Besides emulation the PocketGo also runs a number of games which were ported to its ARM9 cpu architecture. This includes games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and Rise of the Triads.

Note: Download the custom firmware here.

Time to check out the BittBoy PocketGO.

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