How to PROPERLY FIX N64 controllers

The N64 controller – you either love it or hate it. But the layout is not the only possible issue of the controller. The thumbstick as a tendency to bad.

To fix the thumbstick for an N64 controller you have two options; fixing your existing controller, or buying a replacement controller.

If you’re going the path of replacing the thumbstick you have two options. The original and in my opinion flimsy thumbstick, or the beefierĀ  Gamecube-style thumbstick. Whichever you pick, replacing the stick is a matter of removing a few screws and a connector. Simple stuff.

If you rather replace your old controller all together you have some options as well. While an original N64 controller might seem the most appealing, there are some great 3rd party alternatives available.

In this video we take a look all your options when fixing a broken N64 controller.

NOTE: The Brawler64 was sent to me by RetroFighters. All other items (including the toolkit) were sent to me by Neither of these parties pre-screened the contents of this video. All opinions stated here are my own.

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