Hyperkin’s Hyper Blaster HD is BAD!

You can’t play NES Zapper (lightgun) games on a flatscreen TV. Not only is the delay between the NES and TV too big, the flatpanels also output light at a different frequency than their CRT counterparts. This is the problem the Hyper Blaster HD from Hyperkin is trying to solve. But just for 1 game.

The design is almost identical to the original Nintendo Zappere, albeit with a shorter barrel.

The idea is as follow:

  • Connect the NES to your HDTV via composit
  • Put your Duck Hunt cartridge into the Hyperkin adapter
  • Press reset on the NES to start the game
  • Put the gamepad in port 1 and the Zapper clone in port 2 and blast away some ducks

But it’s hardly that straight forward as we soon found out.

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