MERLIN: The First Multi-Game Electronic Handheld from 1978

I am moving to a new house in a few weeks. So it’s time to put my retro collection in boxes, ready to be moved. While emptying my loft I found a retro handheld that I forgot I have even had: The Merlin.

The Merlin was released in 1978 and runs on a 4-bit microcontroller from Texas Instrument called TMS1100. Merlin was the brainchild of Bob Doyle, his wife Molly and his brother-in-law Wendl Thomis. The device was a huge success and sold over 5 million units during its initial production run.

Merlin is seen as the first electronic handheld that had multiple games built-in. The six built-in games are surprisingly fun to play, despite their simple appearance.

In this video I show you all the games you can play on a Merlin.

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