Game Boy Camera as Webcam in Zoom/Teams/Meet

A lot of us are working more from home because of the lockdown. This means a lot of Teams/Zoom/Meet calls. Now what if you do not have a webcam, but you do have a Game Boy Camera? Simple. Just use that instead.

To use the Game Boy Camera as a webcam on a PC we need the following standard components:

  • Game Boy Camera
  • Super Game Boy
  • Super Nintendo
  • An upscaler (I used a RetroTink2x Pro)
  • An HDMI Video Capture device

In the video I show you how to set everything up.

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2 thoughts on “Game Boy Camera as Webcam in Zoom/Teams/Meet

  1. I liked your ’multi-layered’ approach to the solution. Plus PROPS for the C= tee shirt!

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