DOS Games I Wrote in the 90’s (2021 Recap)

Towards the end of the year I always get a bit nostalgic. And so I turned on and old DOS PC to check out an old backup I found that contained DOS games I wrote in the 90’s.

After dusting off my DOS machine of choice, a Pentium 166, it almost immediately died on me. Shortly after that I got contacted by a reader of my Dutch blog He wanted to donate two old computers. One of these was a 486DX2 running at 50Mhz. Perfect! Thank you very much Sjoerd! We were back in business.

And so I spent the afternoon checking out some of the DOS games I made in Turbo Pascal 7. In this video I will show you the 3 I am the most proud of.

After recording this video I sniffed through the sourcecode of X-laser, to discover my first ever written easter egg/cheat. Check this out:


There is one more cheat in X-laser, so download it and check out the sourcecode for yourself!

You can download and play these DOS games here:

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