EZ-Flash Omega Definitive Edition w/ custom firmware plays Game Gear/ColecoVision/SMS/MSX/PC-En+more

In the world of Game Boy Advance Flash Cards, right between the super cheap Super Card SD and the more expensive Everdrive, there is room for mid-range priced alternatives. In this video we take a look at the EZ-Flash Omega Definitive Edition and see if we can make it do even more with custom firmware.

Playing around with the EZ-Flash for the past week I really come to enjoy everything that it can do. Out of the box it can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and NES games. But the creators of this cartridge did something very clever; they uploaded their firmware to Github, for the entire modding community to expand upon.

And so in this video I install SimpleDE, which is custom firmware for the EZ-Flash Omega DE that contains extra emulators and can do some other nice things.

The script I  used to move all ROM files into alphabetical subfolders can be downloaded here. ***USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!***

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