This Smart LED Frame Looks AMAZING!

My game room is filled with little retro treasure, at least I like to think so. I like to display the items I’m most proud of, but if you really want to highlight an item you can use an LED frame.

I got an email from Martin from Germany. He’s the owner of of NerdNostalgie, a company that makes Smart LED Frames. He was curious to know if I wanted to review one of his frames. Sure thing!

The frames are sold in 3 variations: a frame with a retro item inside (Game Boys, controllers, etc), a custom frame with an item of choice or an empty frame that you can fill yourself. He sent me a frame with a Game Boy inside.

The frame is well built and has 2 LED strips with 6 multicolored LED’s each, neatly tucked away under a diffuser. The frame also has a WiFi-module to remotely control the LED’s with an app. The app is filled with options and effects so you can fully customize your frame’s appearance.

In this video I show you the setup process as well as what it can do.

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