Floppy Disc Camera | Sony MVC-FD87

Thanks to Clemens I got a new camera for Youtube and I also started to do a little bit of photography. The past few years we’ve been going to the biggest photography expo in Europe, right here in the Netherlands. Last time I was there I was on the lookout for some retro lenses, when I found a box filled with odd looking cameras.

They were all 3.5″ floppy disc-based Sony Mavica cameras. I bought the most recent one, an MVC-FD87 that also supports memory stick via a special converter. The camera came without a battery or a charger. The cheapest solution to get the camera working was by buying an Mavica to USB cable, so I could use a power bank. These cables can be found on sites like eBay and AliExpress.

After powering it up for the first time I was surprised it still worked, including the floppy mechanism. So, I took the Sony MVC-FD87 and my Canon M50 out for a walk and made some side-by-side pictures so we can do some comparisons.

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